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batik dress

Ancient | Simple ===>> Modern | Gorgeous

How we came

It was my pation to inovate new yet uncommon design for only me, I inovate and then my tailor made for me according to my instruction and it was prohibited to other to ware my designed dress. it was a matter of irritation for me to see somebody trying to copy my product and travelling arround me. Then things changed my pation now formed my profession. Now my design is a little for me but more for you. 

Product Line

All products are made by pure local cotton. The color are imported from china via local importer. These are all hand made product so inspite of our own product there is some design difference between all productions. 

Batik Tie-Die Sharee

Block Print & Batik Blouse Piece

Batik Shade-Chundri Mix Kamij Set

Batik 3 Shade-Chundri Sharee


34 South Bashabo, 

Sabujbag, Dhaka-1214



7 Days a week :10am-9pm

Temporarily closed for Corona Virus